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RVA Thrives increases neighborhood leadership over decisions affecting Richmond’s Jefferson Davis Corridor community.

Since 2016, RVA Thrives has listened to understand what neighbors along the corridor want to see happen in their community. RVA Thrives started with two questions: what would it look like and take for your community to thrive?

RVA Thrives connects neighbors with each other and allies, and equips neighbors with tools to identify and prioritize issues they see in their community. While the issues may change, the goal of RVA Thrives is for neighbors along the Jefferson Davis Corridor to take greater leadership over decisions affecting their community.


RVA Thrives By the Numbers



Neighbors have responded to surveys.


Neighbors have participated in in-depth interviews.


Neighbors have had individual conversations with RVA Thrives team members.


Neighbors have participated in monthly meetings with RVA Thrives.


 Neighbors have identified and prioritized the issues of jobs access, safety, neighborhood beautification and housing affordability.


Today, RVA Thrives equips neighbors to design equitable solutions, ranging from the programmatic to the political.


Jobs Access

Neighbors are surveying their neighbors to better understand barriers Southside residents face to employment and career advancement.

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Neighborhood Beautification & HOUsing affordability

Neighbors are working on an equitable development scorecard, a set of priorities for development on the Southside that does not displace low-income families.

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Neighborhood Safety

Neighbors have launched ARCA (Art, Reconciliation, & Civic Advocacy) a program for Latino/a, Black, and White youth. ARCA participants are creating traffic-calming street art at intersections along the corridor.

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