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How do we thrive together?


Community Voice Blueprint is a guide to the Virginia Community Voice model of community engagement.Our model follows a four-stage process.


  1. Listen, to identify community strengths and challenges;

  2. Connect, to organize people around key issues;

  3. Craft, to collaborate on equitable solutions;

  4. Reflect, to gather feedback for impact and improvement.


Community Voice Blueprint launches in 2019, with a website and toolkit and will be disseminated to partners in Richmond. VACV will offer training and coaching on the Community Voice model of engagement starting in 2020. The audience for Blueprint services is institutions (nonprofits, philanthropies, health care, education and faith organizations, government entities, and corporations, etc.). VACV will offer Blueprint services to organizations in Richmond, and move out to the counties in the Metro-Richmond region, eventually taking the Blueprint statewide.


The purpose of the Blueprint is to prepare Virginia institutions to engage historically marginalized communities more equitably and effectively.


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