Here are a few documents to help you create a better community.



Community Voice: Budget
A sample of a generic RVA Thrives budget.

Community Voice: Getting Started
A check list to get Community Voice started.

Human Resources
Roles & responsibilities within the community.



Endowment Profiles
Example of Jefferson-Davis Corridor data and worksheet.

Interview Questions
A list of questions from 2017.

Community Survey
RVA Thrives Community Survey 2017

Data Sweet Spot
How Virginia Community Voice uses data.

Data Storytelling
Stories are memorable and compelling.


Identifying Shared Interests
Worksheet to identify shared interests.

Issue Criteria
Handout with list of criteria and diagram of scoping process.

Ally & Decision Maker Map
Worksheet to identify allies and decision-makers in your community.

Community Engagement Activities
A chart of community engagement activities by organization type.


Affordable Housing Community Survey
RVA Thrives Community Survey 2018

Equitable Solution Budget
Sample budget for solution.

Working Group Proposal
ARCA proposal.

Findings on Affordable Housing
Findings summary on affordable housing questions from 2018 survey.


Post-Event Survey
Affordable housing summit questionnaire.

Logic Model
Logic model for RVA Thrives.